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ORLANDO (Opera from Olga Neuwirth) at Staatsoper Wien/ Vienna12.05.2019
ORLANDO (Opera from Olga Neuwirth) at Staatsoper Wien/ Vienna

In December 2019 we play 5 shows of ORLANDO /Opera from Olga Neuwirth. Lucas Niggli plays a part as Stage Drummer.
With the Wiener Philharmoniker and great Ensemble of Soloists.

New CD with Ke´ta Br÷nnimann Niggli02.05.2019
New CD with Ke´ta Br÷nnimann Niggli

In May 2019 the Trio with Aly Keïta (Balafon) , Jan Galega Brönnimann ( Clarinets) und Lucas Niggli will record their second CD for INTAKT Records, after their highly acclaimed CD KALO YELE.
Release January 2020.

Steamboat Switzerland at Ruhrtriennale Essen04.03.2019
Steamboat Switzerland at Ruhrtriennale Essen

In the great venue "Zeche Carl" in Essen (D) STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND ( Blum - Niggli - Pliakas) will premier on September 25th the new porgram ( at Ruhrtriennale 2019). Stay Tuned.

Lucas Niggli

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 23.10.2019 20:30

Zürich // Mehrspur Club at ZHdK


Keïta - Brönnimann - Niggli  "KALO YELE"

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Lucas Niggli Solo
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Lucas Niggli   Drums / Percussion

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Lucas Niggli Solo

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