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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion

Lucas Niggli ZOOM and ARTE Quartett

Lucas Niggli ZOOM and ARTE Quartett
F. Pfeffer

Lucas Niggli             drums, composition
Nils Wogram             trombone
Philipp Schaufelberger     guitar
Beat Hofstetter             saxophone
Sascha Armbruster         saxophone
Andrea Formenti         saxophone
Beat Kappeler             saxophone

Performing with virtuosity, an intriguing variety of sounds, a blend of composed structures and improvisation, all of this happens by combining two outstanding jazz-formations: Lucas Niggli Zoom and the Basler saxophone quartet ARTE Quartett are going on a «Crash Cruise». A musical Joint-Venture directed by drummer Lucas Niggli.

Lucas Niggli ZOOM and ARTE Quartett

Lucas Niggli was born in Kamerun. He now lives in Uster and at the age of 38, this drummer is already among the best of our country, along with such big names as his former teacher Favre, Humair, Hauser or Studer. He is said to be – especially since launching his trio Zoom in 1999 with the congenial Nils Wogram (trombone) and Philipp Schaufelberger (guitar) and enhanced with Claudio Puntin (clarinet) and Peter Herbert (bass) to Big Zoom – the up-and-coming artist of the jazz scene and now performs within the „Champions League“ of drummers and the most prestigious international festivals. One reason for this may be that Lucas Niggli has quickly found his very own musical language, another being his openness and curiosity towards the unknown and new. His enthusiasm to discover the new and his flexibility allow for him to experiment with all sorts of different styles with absolute confidence. Not only does Niggli work with the highly energetic Hammond-Avantcore-trio Steamboat Switzerland, as a contrast he also works with the Zürcher Ensemble für Neue Musik, in an improvisational trio with Demierre and Guy, in a duett with pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and both of his Zoom formations, as well as accompanying the vocalist Susanne Abbuehl.
There is another reason for Nigglis glorious career: his ability to pair compositions, improvisations and different styles with his own musical ideas – and so creating complex and multifaceted music, but always keeping within his own recognisable style. „This isn’t music we can listen to halfheartedly. It is either-or-music. And if we really indulge this passion, we’ll discover eminent, exiting, suprising entertainment“. This is how Peter Rüedi (DIE ZEIT) discribes Nigglis music with Big Zoom and the ensemble for Neue Musik. He also comments on the „brazen playfulness and flippant humour“ –all of which can also be expected of the new compositions for Zoom and ARTE Quartett.
The repertoire of ARTE Quartett, a formation which was founded in 1995, reaches from Arvo Pärt, Phil Glass and Steve Reich to contemporary swiss composers such as Rudolf Kelterborn or Jacques Wildberger. The quartet consists of four classically trained saxophone players: Beat Hofstetter, Sascha Armbruster, Andrea Formenti and Beat Kappeler. Their commitment lies with „Neue Musik“ and boundary-breaking stylistic cooperations and they mainly perform compositions, which were specially designed and arranged for Arte Quartett. Usually this means working in close collaboration with the composers and being directly involved with the actual composing. Urs Leimgruber, Hans Feigenwinter, Terry Riley, Tim Berne, Fred Frith, Michael Riessler, Nik Bärtsch and Pierre Favre are some of these illustrious names. Bernes compositions for example were presented at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, emphasising the  significance of ARTE Quartett. And now they are working with Lucas Niggli and his trio.

Lucas Niggli ZOOM and ARTE Quartett