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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion

Lucas Niggli Solo

Lucas Niggli Solo
Francesca Pfeffer

Lucas Niggli drums/percussion

A Demo filmed during the Recording-Session of my First Solo Album ALCHEMIA GARDEN
for INTAKT Records

Curtain up on a bespoke sonic universe. Welcome to an opulent, colourful world of rhythms and sounds, to be sensed in myriad layers and combinations, within conscious parameters, concentrated and reduced: a walk round Lucas Niggli’s Alchemia Garden. The experiences on offer there range from listening carefully to individual sounds and their overtones, to untamed passion. There are thunderous roars and microscopic nuances, forceful outbursts of energy and sensitive streams of consciousness; there is power and precision. A pulse and a heartbeat runs through all of it. Whatever you want to call it, this is clearly music with a rhythmic soul, physically driven at the same time.( Bert Noglik, Sept 2017)


Even when Lucas Niggli works with his array of instruments alone, with it he relates to the wider world, reflecting as he plays all the experiences he has gathered with other musicians, including Asian, African and American men and women. As a drummer with a pronounced jazz background, he is already playing an instrument which embodies the coming-together of cultures, which when expanded to include all types of percussion can be both universalised and individualised. The ethnic and the urban are no longer opposites; for this percussionist both categories have been abolished by the experience of life in a global web of connections.
As with his music, in the titles of his pieces Lucas Niggli opens up multifaceted associative spaces. The image of the garden points to nature, a creative space which is hugely important to him, a space of inspiration, peace and joie de vivre. Alchemia Garden, the album’s wonderful title, creates an enchanting, ambiguous effect. Lucas Niggli relates the organic, biological and growing, which develops on its own and is cultivated and maintained in the form of the garden, to the metamorphosis of material, the scientific search for something unknown which historically has been seen to generate something new, if not always the thing you thought you were looking for. Serendipity. (Bert Noglik, Sept 2017)


Lucas Niggli Solo

Lucas Niggli Solo