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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion

BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet

BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet

Kesivan Naidoo drums
Rolando Lamussene djembe, mbira
Peter Conradin Zumthor drums
Lucas Niggli drums, composition

This international Drum-Quartet plays energetic-explosive, intelligent actual percussion music.
After a first meeting in Southafrica in the summer of 2006, the collaboration goes on. And in 2008 the first CD will be released on Intakt records.

BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet

This Quartet unites two distinguished percussion poets of the younger Swiss scene with two very autonomous music personalities of Africa.
Like four magicians they sit among their drums and elicit various sounds and rhythms.They enable their instruments to sing like others do with the language. As ambiguous the poetry is, as rich is also their music. It creates a short lasting gentle film on our ears like a breath does on a window pane in winter. Their music once is breathing calm and gently and than its intensively hyperventilating and even causes sweat. Their music is filled with intuition and drive. Lucas Niggli has developed compositions and concepts for this Quartet which this Drum-Set brings about in different facettes and in a complete orchestral sound. With the traditional sounds of Rolando from Moçambique and the unbelievable pulsing play of Kesivan from South Africa the contemporal beats and sounds of the Duo Zumthor-Niggli will gain dynamic.
BEAT BAG BOHEMIA is testing different forms of playing together and possible effects of the percussion. They compress complex rhithms to an orchestral whole. The audiance will be drawn into a flow, a wave which is carrying off to unexpected areas. It's a bodily experience of pure music - guaranteded.

Kesivan Naidoo *1979

Born in 1979, Kesivan began studying drums at age 11, and made his onstage debut at the Hogsback Arts Festival aged 14. In his early teens, he performed in Germany, France and England as a member of the Hudson Big Band. In 1995 and 1999 he played with the National Youth Big Band, touring to New York City.
His big band experience includes work with the Kennedy Centre Jazz Ambassadors (NYC), Eastern Cape Big Band, UCT Big Band and, in both 1995 and 1999 with the National Youth Big Band (SA). Elsewhere, he has served with the UCT College Jazz Ensemble, pianist Hotep Galeta, Trumpeter Marcus Wyatt, and pianists Jack Van Poll and Bheki Mseleku.
'Kes' graduated with a BA Music (Jazz Performance & Arrangement) from the UCT College of Music in 2000, and has won a SAMRO scholarship to further his studies abroad.

Rolando Lamussene *1971, Moçambique

Rolando Lamusseene starts working when he was only 19 years old in the National School of Dance as a musicien for their classes.He is a member of the the National Company of Danse from Moçambique since 1991.He plays several percussion instruments (battery,Djembe,drums) and he also plays Mbira, Valimba and Xitate.
He was involved in several intarnational creations (Peter Giger among others) from Europe, Africa and America"

Peter Conradin Zumthor *1979

Lives and loves in Haldenstein, Switzerland. Father of two children.
Mostly he learned as an autodidact, He works now as a freelancer and drumteacher.
He played many concerts and toured with different bands and projects in Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.
Theatermusic, installations, clubs, festivals etc.
Selection bands/projects:
A new experience with the noise-grind trio AZEOTROP with Dominik Blum and Cäcilia Schüeli.

Lucas Niggli

Born in 1968 in Cameroon, he now lives with his family in Uster near Zurich (CH). As drummer and improviser, he plays in various bands including «Steamboat Switzerland» (with Dominik Blum and Marino Pliakas), He composes and generates concepts for his own band: Lucas Niggli ZOOM and BIG ZOOM, also featuring Nils Wogram and Philipp Schaufelberger, C.Puntin, P.Herbert) and plays regularly with Pierre Favre, and in a trio with Barry Guy and Jacques Demierre.
He toured all over the world including Festival-performances ( Vancouver, Berlin, Willisau, Moers, Saalfelden, Le Mans, Donaueschingen a.m.o.)
He has performed the works of contemporary composers (Kagel, Polanski, Cage, Rzewski, Sam Hayden, D. Dramm, M. Werthmüller) and taken part in several crossover projects with such musicians as Butch Morris, Stephan Wittwer, Sylvie Couvoisier,Trevor Watts, Fred Frith, Hans Koch, Peter Kowald, Phil Minton, Samuel Nori, Tom Cora, Ikue Mori, Tenko, Michel Doneda, Michel Wintsch, Urs Leimgruber, Erika Stucky, Susanne Abbuehl, Arkadij Shilklopper, John Cale, Wu Wei and many others.

BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet