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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion

Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo

Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo

Andreas Schaerer   Voice
Lucas Niggli           Drums

What have human beings  done first, after they had recovered from the initial shock of their creation? First fried a mammoth or first brought out their drums to drive away the horrors of the Proterozoic? What is indisputable: the voice and the drum are the two most archaic instruments of music. And to have lost none of its magic. With good reason.

Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo

This two cosmopolitan musicians show no reluctance to create any imaginable sounding worlds. The vocal virtuoso Schaerer has a tremendous range of expression, from classical singing about Yodel and overtone sounds he can do pretty much everything imaginable with the voice to beat box. So it is with Lucas Niggli one of the most versatile drummers in Europe.
Their imagination and their communication skills are the key to a free, yet very precise improvisational music that knows no dogmatic boundaries. The result is a virtuoso, naked and yet opulent-sounding music duo with the two archaic instruments of music: the voice and the drum. A versatile, highly agile performance which goes under the skin.

Andreas Schaerer playing with his sextet "Hildegard Learns to Fly", in duo with Bänz Oester, in a trio with two Viennese musicians Martin Eberle and Peter Rome. He is also a sought-after studio musician and composer, working in diverse styles of free music hip-hop through the setting of computer games and animated films.
He has worked and performed with Bobby McFerrin, among other things, Soweto Kinch, Christy Doran's New Bag, The ploctones, Kaspar Ewald's Exorbitantes Cabinet, Colin Vallon, Elina Duni.
Andreas Schaerer taught as part of a lectureship at the University of Arts in Bern vocal jazz, improvisation and ensemble playing.

Lucas Niggli * 1968 in Cameroon, making music as a drummer in the border area of ​​contemporary music, jazz, rock and improvisation. His world-wide tours with his longtime formations ZOOM, Steamboat Switzerland and numerous projects have taken him to many prestigious festivals of different scenes. His music is documented on more than 10 CDs under his own name. He is active as a composer, bandleader, teacher (ZHdK HSLU) and organizer. He stood with artists as diverse as Barry Guy, John Cale, Sylvie Courvoisier, Fred Frith, Erika Stucky, Tim Berne, Xu fengxia on stage.

Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo