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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion


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Lucas Niggli Solo
Francesca Pfeffer

Lucas Niggli Solo

Lucas Niggli drums/percussion

A Demo filmed during the Recording-Session of my First Solo Album ALCHEMIA GARDEN
for INTAKT Records

Curtain up on a bespoke sonic universe. Welcome to an opulent, colourful world of rhythms and sounds, to be sensed in myriad layers and combinations, within conscious parameters, concentrated and reduced: a walk round Lucas Niggli’s Alchemia Garden. The experiences on offer there range from listening carefully to individual sounds and their overtones, to untamed passion. There are thunderous roars and microscopic nuances, forceful outbursts of energy and sensitive streams of consciousness; there is power and precision. A pulse and a heartbeat runs through all of it. Whatever you want to call it, this is clearly music with a rhythmic soul, physically driven at the same time.( Bert Noglik, Sept 2017)


Even when Lucas Niggli works with his array of instruments alone, with it he relates to the wider world, reflecting as he plays all the experiences he has gathered with other musicians, including Asian, African and American men and women. As a drummer with a pronounced jazz background, he is already playing an instrument which embodies the coming-together of cultures, which when expanded to include all types of percussion can be both universalised and individualised. The ethnic and the urban are no longer opposites; for this percussionist both categories have been abolished by the experience of life in a global web of connections.
As with his music, in the titles of his pieces Lucas Niggli opens up multifaceted associative spaces. The image of the garden points to nature, a creative space which is hugely important to him, a space of inspiration, peace and joie de vivre. Alchemia Garden, the album’s wonderful title, creates an enchanting, ambiguous effect. Lucas Niggli relates the organic, biological and growing, which develops on its own and is cultivated and maintained in the form of the garden, to the metamorphosis of material, the scientific search for something unknown which historically has been seen to generate something new, if not always the thing you thought you were looking for. Serendipity. (Bert Noglik, Sept 2017)


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Lucas Niggli Solo
© Simone Vollenweider


Dominik Blum - hammond organ, korg ms 20 and piano ( on Zone2)
Marino Pliakas - bass, and guitar ( on Zone 2)
Lucas Niggli - drums, percussion

The Official Webpage of teh Band:

Steamboat Switzerland comprises the force of a fully cranked-up Hammond organ, an E-bass distorted beyond recognition and drums as hard as nails. Driven by the highly explosive mixture of metal-riffs, contemporary sound material and free improvisation, the steamboat resolves its interfering noises into strangely moving harmonies. Watch out for the engine room which crashes, bangs and chirps quite cunningly.

A Short Extract from the Performance in Los Angeles, Steve Allen Theater on June 19th 2008

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Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo

Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo

Andreas Schaerer   Voice
Lucas Niggli           Drums

What have human beings  done first, after they had recovered from the initial shock of their creation? First fried a mammoth or first brought out their drums to drive away the horrors of the Proterozoic? What is indisputable: the voice and the drum are the two most archaic instruments of music. And to have lost none of its magic. With good reason.

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Andreas Schaerer - Lucas Niggli - Duo


Andreas Schaerer   vocals
Luciano Biondini    accordion
Kalle Kalima           guitar
Lucas Niggli            drums

A fin, an Italian and two Swiss bring good humor, playfulness and finest listening experience into the house. Each musician has not only its own personal musical-signature, but also stylistically they were in separate areas at home. Between jazz and world music, eclecticism and avant-garde, the four gentlemen play with ease in the ears of their audience. Sparkling, fresh, new and yet somehow familiar.

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Aly Keďta - Jan Galega Brönnimann - Lucas Niggli // KALO YELE
Stefan Postius

Aly Keďta - Jan Galega Brönnimann - Lucas Niggli // KALO YELE

Aly Keïta    Balafon
Jan Galega Brönnimann   Clarinets, Soprano
Lucas Niggli       Drums, Percussion

Aly Keita is one of the grand masters of the balafon, the West African xylophone. The Ivorian musician won countless awards (including the German World Music Award "Ruth") and fits the balafon in interaction with artists such as Joe Zawinul, Omar Sosa and Jan Garbarek. Together with the Swiss clarinetist Jan Galega Brönnimann and Swiss drummer Lucas Niggli, both born in Cameroon, Keïta mixes the traditional African repertoire with Western jazz, Improvisation and African rhythms. This "Brotherhood of vibes and Grooves" takes the audience on an adventurous ride - from the deepest jungle to great lengths under the African sky and back to Europe.

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Aly Keďta - Jan Galega Brönnimann - Lucas Niggli // KALO YELE
Thomas Radlwimmer


Luciano Biondini:accordeon

Michel Godard; tuba, serpent, e-bass

Lucas Niggli: drums, percussion

When Luciano Biondini, Michel Godard und Lucas Niggli play music together the borders between Early and New Music, between imaginary folk and jazz inspired improvisation blur. One can picture the virtual meeting point at the border triangle between Italy, France and Switzerland. That would be – and the image of the heights is not altogether out of place – on the peak of Mont Dolent, close to the Mont Blanc. But still this game fences off any territorial and stylistic definition. Alpine as well as Mediterranean, delicately woven yet permeated with strong melodies driven by frequently complex rhythms that are strong and sensitive at the same time, the three create great arches – across the times, the emotional states of mind, regions and continents. Learning by heart and inventing go hand in hand, they tie together to one common breathing, they interlink to music of great airiness, turning their gathering into a feast vibrating with delight.
Here are Two Tunes to listen to.

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Charlotte Hug & Lucas Niggli Duo

Charlotte Hug & Lucas Niggli Duo

Charlotte Hug: Viola&Voice
Lucas Niggli: Drums&Percussion

From their contrasting positions, using improvisation and with great compositional awareness, in the sense of Instant Composing, the duo explores the potential of their great range: how close and how far can they be and still communicate with one another and even create sparks? Hug and Niggli allow the extremes of tone and energy in their “instruments” – the fragile and the robust – to collide purposefully and release their charge like a flash of lightning. The thunder roll which they attract acquires a life of its own. Thus, vari¬ants of this discharge of energy – “Fulguratio: sheet lightning” “Obliqua Fulmina: spider lightning” – and other meteorological phenomena – “Virga: drizzle” “Lacunosus: lacunosus cloud” (cloud cover with holes like a loose honeycomb) have become metaphors of their immaterial and at the same time physical music. Just as purposefully, the Duo allow the extreme tonal opposites to come close together, to touch, to rub, to merge into one another – to the point where percussion and voice are barely recognisable as such and are perceived rather as a hybrid “third sound”.

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Charlotte Hug & Lucas Niggli Duo
Matthias Loibner  - Lucas Niggli Duo

Matthias Loibner - Lucas Niggli Duo

Matthias Loibner: hurdy gurdy
Lucas Niggli: drum s, percussion

Matthias Loibner with his hurdy-gurdy and Lucas Niggli are both more than 20 years on the road, playing many different styles. As sought-after artists in diverse ensembles and exceptional projects all over the world they have distilled these impressions of their travels in highly fascinating sound and outstanding virtuosity.
Loibner and Niggli make a program which is fed from a large repertoire between classical, electronic, traditional and improvised music.
Matthias Loibner lives in Vienna and has evolved over 20 years his hurdy-gurdy playing.With its rebuilt instrument that is also connected to computer and  electronic effects pedals, he creates a unheard sound universe.
A mixture of imaginary folklore, true traditionals and many own compositions and improvisations.

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Matthias Loibner  - Lucas Niggli Duo
BEYOND  (Wickihalder - Guy - Niggli)

BEYOND (Wickihalder - Guy - Niggli)

Jürg Wickihalder: ts, ss
Barry Guy:  bass
Lucas Niggli:  drums

This trio unites three leading European musicians from different generations, each with his own musical biography: three sound artists, three virtuoso instrumentalists, three breathtaking improvisers.
Wickihalder takes the "lead" in the trio. He wrote the compositions. Wickihalder is how a British journalist wrote, a "Master of Melody". His compositions - colored, sounded drunk and edgy at the same time - are starting points for musical dialogues, for adventurous trips into the sparkling music of improvisation of today's contemporary jazz.

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BEYOND  (Wickihalder - Guy - Niggli)
TRIO KLICK ( Hauser -  Niggli - Zumthor)

TRIO KLICK ( Hauser - Niggli - Zumthor)

Fritz Hauser   Drums, Percussion
Lucas Niggli   Drums, Percussion
Peter Conradin Zumthor   Drums, Percussion

Percussion music and music performance at the highest level: Three Generations of Swiss percussionists bring their instruments to vibrate and unrestitable flow, create their very own magic structures, improvisations and compositions. Thanks to a sensitive communicative interplay they create a musical universe full of dynamics, different energies and respect for time and silence.

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TRIO KLICK ( Hauser -  Niggli - Zumthor)
Paul Plimley - Barry Guy - Lucas Niggli: HEXENTRIO

Paul Plimley - Barry Guy - Lucas Niggli: HEXENTRIO

Paul Plimley: piano
Barry Guy: bass
Lucas Niggli: drums

The Hexen Trio made its debut at the 2010 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Comprised of three internationally known musicians:  Hexen is a dynamic musical force whereby the music's expression travels from performances of shimmering lyrical beauty to electrifying savage passion. The players draw deeply from the traditions of European classical (from baroque through the 20th century), jazz, open improvisation, and world music. All three of the musicians bring a lifetime of experience working with some of the best improvisers and composers of the past 40 years in their quest to create a music which is spiritually transformative. The synergy of musical energy as shared and developed by Hexen showcases their years of creating music which results in an experience that is both focused in compositional clarity while tapping into a creative space that reveals the mysteries of inspired improvisation.
The Hexen Trio's origins go back to 1994 in Vancouver when Paul Plimley worked with Barry Guy to record the CD Witch Gong Game, a large ensemble composition of Barry's written for the NOW Orchestra. Subsequently they played some duo concerts and recorded their first duo cd entitled Sensology. Lucas Niggli has worked with Barry almost as long and these two artists have  collaborated on numerous CDs and concerts in Europe and North America. Each member of Hexen has received  many awards and music grants over the years, rave reviews from the music press for their performances in festivals, and documented their music on a wide offering of CD, radio, and television broadcasts.
The Hexen Trio will be celebrating their first trio CD release for Intakt records, recorded during their 2012 European tour.

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Paul Plimley - Barry Guy - Lucas Niggli: HEXENTRIO
Xu Fengxia - Lucas Niggli Duo

Xu Fengxia - Lucas Niggli Duo

Xu Fengxia (China) guzheng, sanxian, voice
Lucas Niggli (CH)    drums

What Xu Fengxia and Lucas Niggli, both highly authentic just being the personalities they are, draw on their respective musical world eludes every categorisation. They open their hearts and advance into uncharted territory of the unheard – their very own music. Black Lotos as a „pure crossbreed“ of world music, as a perfect but completely untypical crossover of musical globalisation. The real and medial possibilities give us songs from different times, from all continents and make music of almost every provenience available. This is great. People from the most distant places meet. The amalgamation and overlapping of different cultures in music fascinates us and lead us to ever new levels.

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Xu Fengxia - Lucas Niggli Duo


Elliot Sharp; guit/bcl
Melvin Gibbs; e.bass/electr
Lucas Niggli; drums

Crossing the Waters:
During the two-weeks festival by INTAKT records at John Zorn's club The Stone in New York's East Village, these three musicians met for the first time. An ad hoc trio with diverse backgrounds and biographies, but a very clear common goal: instant composing with hypertension, where Elliot's blues, Melvin’s Funk and Lucas’ Drive found perfectly together to celebrate an unique music with no borders, lots of colours and massiv energy.
It has sparked so intensivly, in its literal sense, that Melvin’s amp gave up the ghost after only a short time. After a small interruption of the trio has been resumed, and then laid a brilliant set. As the centrifuge guitar sounds thrown over rolling beats, a sound with relentless drive, bluesy power, with great expressivity.
A new guitar power trio was born, featuring compelling digressions into adventurous soundscapes based on blues, rock and free.
On the very day after the three musicians went  for a recording session to a brooklyn-studio and produced the CD "Crossing the Waters" for Intakt Records which will appear in 2013.

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Lucas Niggli - Peter Conradin Zumthor Drum Duo
francesca pfeffer

Lucas Niggli - Peter Conradin Zumthor Drum Duo

Lucas Niggli drums, gongs, percussion

Peter Conradin Zumthor, drums, gongs, percussion

A short Film: Live in Lodz
Alfred Zimmerlin in his Linernotes: "Lucas Niggli and Peter Conradin Zumthor are not classically-trained percussionists; they come from rock music, free jazz, improvised music. The physical and rhythmic character of both of Profos' "Dances", extraordinarily difficult to perform, suit them and give them pleasure. At the same time the compositional clarity and power of these compositions, as well as their lack of formal narrative structure stand in apposition to the extensive, sensuous, emotional and profoundly expressive improvisations that we can hear at other concerts by the Niggli-Zumthor duet (and in other performances by these musicians). It was essential to take an innovative, very disciplined approach to measure up to these two Profos compositions, so precisely worked out. .....This impression is also imparted in an astonishing way by the album itself, whose central element is Niggli and Zumthor's performance of Felix Profos' ERSTER TANZ and ZWEITER TANZ. They've managed to achieve more than a "snapshot" of a live performance, precisely because, with extreme sensitivity to the kinetic and cathartic character of the compositions, they have created a musical space that allows the disc to be experienced as a complete entity. The speakers send out a work composed of sound, time and space moving in equal measure the listener's mind, heart and body. ......The course of time will lose its meaning. It's worth spending time with this album by the Niggli-Zumthor duet, so carefully thought out in every respect.

some pics from the Loft Cologne by Bernd Wendt

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Lucas Niggli - Peter Conradin Zumthor Drum Duo
BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet

BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet

Kesivan Naidoo drums
Rolando Lamussene djembe, mbira
Peter Conradin Zumthor drums
Lucas Niggli drums, composition

This international Drum-Quartet plays energetic-explosive, intelligent actual percussion music.
After a first meeting in Southafrica in the summer of 2006, the collaboration goes on. And in 2008 the first CD will be released on Intakt records.

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BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (SA, MZ,CH), Int. Drum Quartet
WU WEI - Lucas Niggli Duo

WU WEI - Lucas Niggli Duo

LLWu Wei (sheng, voc)
Lucas Niggli (drums, perc)

Wu Wei and Lucas Niggli form a dynamic, highly powered duo whose music stands for intensive hearing events. Sort of a "Contemporary World Music"

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WU WEI - Lucas Niggli Duo