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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion


STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND - Sonic Perversity07.02.2011 / The Wire (UK)
Sonic Perversity

Dominik Blum’s vintage Hammond organ glowers like some doom-laden Prog rock ogre.
Marino Pliakas mangles the air with sulphurous fuzzed bass. Drummer Lucas Niggli storms, thunderously heavy and metallic. Unmistakably the juggernaut sound of Steamboat Switzerland, but this time writing credits go to Zurich based composer Felix Profos. Designed fort he trio’s characteristic pummeling idiom, Get Out Of My Room is clenchd and relentless, gnawingly repetitive and loud. A shrill tone accompanies every murky convulsion  - no raw nerve is left untouched. The longest section of this 47 minute plunge into sonic perversity is a mesh of twitchy signals, molecular spasms, abrasive yet weirdly pleasurable. Somehow Steamboat Switzerland transform potentially nightmarish indulgence into something irresistible.

Julian Cowley, THE WIRE, 325