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STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND - Steamboat Switzerland performs ZEITSCHREI in Vienna.11.12.2013 / I care if you listen
Steamboat Switzerland performs ZEITSCHREI in Vienna.

Steamboat Switzerland performed these two sets with the kind of intensity that a composer usually only dreams of. Their focus in the gruelingly-difficult written portions was absolute. Their improvisations were varied and interesting, creating shapes that flowed well from one written section to another. Their interactions on stage were fun to watch, as they cued each other into different sections with elaborate arm waves, or the throwing of drum sticks, or intense death-stares. Dominik Blum added to the intensity in the middle of the first set, scaring away the faint-of-heart with his heavy-metal vocal growling. Because of their fantastic musicianship, and Wertmüller’s steely control of form and mood, this experiment in chamber music for the math-rock set made for very fun listening.

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Caitlin Smith